Airbnb Virtual Assistant

Looking for Airbnb Virtual Assistant to help us manage our listings at night (11 pm to 4 am CT)

Are you an expert in Airbnb/short-term property rentals? We own a real estate business with multiple listings and we are looking to hire long-term guest virtual assistant/property manager. We are specifically looking for someone that can assist by monitoring listings at night (from 11 pm to 4 am). We are located in Houston so we are in Central Time.

For the right person, this will become a long-term opportunity. We are looking for someone who can help monitor listings all week long (weekdays and weekend). This person will be mainly responsible for making sure people do not throw parties or make excessive noise or break any other rules at night. The job responsibilities include.

-Monitor noise-monitoring devices and cameras to make sure people do not throw parties, make excessive noise, or disturb the community at night.
-Respond quickly to specific guest messages via Airbnb, VRBO, or email/guest portal. This is strictly limited to emergencies. For instance, if someone cannot enter a property at 2 am.

We are looking for someone who is fluent in English, both in writing and speaking. You might need to communicate with guests through either your mobile phone/smartphone, or desktop/laptop.

This job will be “on-call” which means that while you will need to be available during the times listed, you won’t be working most of that time. For example, you might not get any alerts from the noise monitoring devices in days, and guests very rarely have emergencies at night. You just have to be comfortable having your phone on you, and checking on things when needed. There are times when no work will be needed in days. However, even if you do not work for days at a time, we will still pay you the total agreed/fixed rate.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, feel free to apply and we will be in touch soon.



Hello, my name is Elli Sasjadvolk from Germany and i am interested on your job offer as an airbnb Assistant.
The time slot (23:00-04:00 uhr) would be perfect for me. I know airbnb very well as i use it a lot myself nd i am also an airbnb host myself.
Are the Airbnbs all in houston?

I would be happy to hear from you soon.
Thanks a lot and best regards,
Elli Sasjadvolk

Marry Jane

Hi Franklin,

I’m very excited about applying for the position as a Travel Specialist because I know I’m the best candidate for the posting. I found your advertisement and I am very interested in the position. I’ve been in the industry for 6 years and an expert in handling email, chat and phone support as a Customer Service. I’ve experience in handling bookings, cancellations, changes, refund or schedules for hotels, flights, cars, and activities. I know my knowledge and skills will help the team gain more. I’m willing to undergo assessments in order to test my skills. I can easily cope with a new environment and colleagues.

I’m eager to further discuss my qualifications with you. You may reach me via Skype live:.cid.358d468772b1ee55 as I look forward to hearing from you soon!



Dear Tony,

I would love to work with you. I believe I have the right attitude and skillset needed for the job.

I am highly organized and have a personable attitude, making me a great candidate for this position. I take ownership of tasks quickly and I am a creative problem solver.

Additionally, I have experience in:

Routing correspondence, logging phone messages, and coordinating logistics.
Assisting in different areas such as scheduling, billing, and HR tasks.
Providing exceptional client service in person and on the phone.
Research and compile reports and documents.
I have worked as a Marketing and Communications Officer for almost 3 years and have spent more than two years as a Business Virtual Assistant with Xilium Professional Services assisting a US client with his advertising business. This has provided me with valuable knowledge I would bring to this position.

Working with you would allow me to implement my communication skills and initiative in a professional virtual environment while providing top service to staff, clients and executives.

I would be glad to send you my detailed resume for your review. I believe I have the qualifications you need, I am coachable and open to learning something new. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

You may reach me at [email protected].


Jose Tabanao III


Hi Tony
Your job post seeking a Virtual Assistant for your Airbnb sounds like something I would pretty enoy doing! I have worked as a property manager for over 5yrs and I managed to accomplish the company’s financial objectives. In my role as Property Manager, I maintained contracts with tenants by negotiating leases, enforced occupancy policies and procedures, scheduled property maintenance, analyzed market conditions, coordinated appointments with various management committees, resolved customer and public complaints, and accomplished organization goals by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.

I am good with administration tasks and meeting deadlines, consistently exceeding expectations. I can compose emails, draft letters, or memos in proper grammar. I have strong time management skills and can efficiently use G-Suite to create and maintain filing systems online. I enjoy working in an office environment and the challenge of meeting business goals. I believe this position is excellent as it will give me an opportunity to work with various people and a chance for me to showcase my unique skill set as I learn more.

If we were to get started, here’s how I would approach this project:

1. Chat with you to determine pain points and processes needing improvement and offloading.
2. Prioritize the above to get as much off your plate as possible as efficiently as possible
3. Document all new processes and systems so that it’s very clear what’s getting done, who’s doing it, and on what schedule.
4. Once we establish the new processes, we’ll give it a test run to ensure it is to your liking and highly compliments your company’s objective.

Be assured you are getting someone who will get it right the first time.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Ale Najar

Dear Hiring Manager,

I’ve worked as a personal assistant and currently as a Personal Travel Planner for a couple of mexican Travel Agencies.
I have previous experience working as an over the phone English-Spanish medical interpreter, so I am familiarized and comfortable speaking and writing in English with customers.
I am available during the set times to take care of anything needed in regards to the properties.

Please feel free to contact me to know more about my qualifications.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Alejandra N.

Ranggi Pramesti

Hi Tony,

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Ranggi Pramesti, a Virtual Assistant in Administrative Tasks, who helps businesses, consultants, coaches, etc. with administration tasks, so they can have more free time, getting more research/leg work done, time to focus on business development, less stress etc.

Self-motivated professional with 14 years of experience in a Human Resource field have allowed me to grow and develop both professionally in my knowledge and experience. In my role as Human Resources field, I familiar with administration.

I have a great passion for working as a Virtual Assistant and I always remain alert to learn all the newest and updated materials. I give my best to improve my skill and my work. Besides, I have a strong communicative and convincing skill to deal with any kind of consumers.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to send me an email or messages to

Thank you for your attention. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ranggi Pramesti


Hello Tony,

I was happy to read the job opportunity as a virtual assistant for your company.

With my experience as a General Manager of a hotel I know how important it is to be on top of your communication with your clients. A fast, friendly and accurate response is what’s make them want to come back to your property.

Me being located in Indonesia at this time makes this time schedule ideal to work in. I am well known with Airbnb and other guest portals and booking systems.

Please visit for a more detailed overview of my experience and skills is

I firmly believe that my background is an excellent match for your business, and I could confidently contribute to your team.
I appreciate you taking the time to evaluate my suitability for the open position and hope to hear from you.

Marinka Kuijk


I have 8 years experience on the customer service area and surely can work from 23:00 to 04:00.

Kenneth Joy Bose Lim

Hi Tony,

I believe, I made for this job. With my skillset, I can guarantee that you will have the confidence to let me handle your Airbnb business all week long. Let me help you on your busy days while you enjoy peace and freedom!

Hi! My name is Joy and I am actively looking for a job.

Below are the list of services that I offer:

📍Email Management
📍Project Management
📍Calendar Management
📍Booking and Scheduling
📍Travel Arrangements
📍 Graphic Design Using Canva
📍 Social Media Moderator
📍 Customer Service
📍Phone Support
📍 Chat Support
📍People Management

I’m an eternal optimist,a self-starter with a “can do” spirit and a go-getter.

I use a variety of tools to deliver fast and high-quality results.

If you need a Virtual Assistant with minimal supervision, I am your Gal.

Interested? Have Further Questions? Let’s connect! Here’s my email add, [email protected]

Thank you so much for taking time reading my message.

All the best,

Samuel ibukun Orenaike

Hi I’m Samuel, passionate, smart, team builder and loyal Virtual Assistance/Project Manager, you have been searching for, I promise you your searching has just ended.

I have 6 months experience managing AIRBNB with a real estate investment firm in Alabama USA (more details available on request)
… Changing Smart locks code for each guest
… Monitoring and making sure each guest abid by the House rules

Proficient in ;
– Airbnb Application
– Slack
– Trello

Hiring me will guarantee PROFESSIONALISM in Organizational Communication

Tiffany Potgieter

I would like to apply for this position as I am available at the set times, fluent in English and very organised and efficient.

Shyam Janakiraman

Hi Tony,
Saw your job posting and I find it interesting. I work in Indian time zones and can work on your task. The question however is ” Will I be able to work on other jobs or would it be necessary only to do your job?” If the answers are yes, I am more than willing to help you out.
Thanks & Regards,


I am a virtual assistant with proficiency in client and property management as well managing calls.
I am prompt, fluent and available to work from 11pm-4am CT.


I am currently a virtual assistant! I am proficient with client management systems and handling inbound/outbound calls! I would be willing to work those hours and I can start immediately.

Mojisola Fabuyi

The reason you should hire me is that I am a detail oriented person, I can work effectively from 11pm to 4am central time.

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