Virtual Assistant for your business

I can get you organised, updating your records, responding to correspondence, filing, scanning and archiving your documents. Proofreading, document creation, sorting out that overflowing email inbox and more.
I can make your inbox sparkle with efficiency and organisation. Never miss an important email again!, Tie that in with calendar management so your business and personal appointments/meetings never clash!

I can organise your travel, just show up with your bags packed!

Or maybe you want someone to handle more lifestyle management like buying gifts for business colleagues or acquaintances, organising tradespeople or even genealogical research.
I am Xero Payroll Certified so you can trust me to get your staff paid on time and correctly, but “what if I do not have any staff?” I hear you say.

Well, not to worry I can help in other areas too – sending out invoices, chasing invoices, sorting out all those receipts you might be hoarding.

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