Blogger, Blog Writer, Translator and avid researcher.

Please note that I often charge by piece, not by hour. I am very knowledgeable and I enjoy doing research, so I do not mind writing about things I wouldn’t usually write about.

My usual fields:
1 – mental health, invisible disabilities and how to cope + make your life easier by tweaking your environment.
-> includes insomnia, being hard of hearing, fibromyalgia, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, ADHD and ASD. I can also research on topics I know less about
2 – Linguistics, especially history of linguistics
3 – Budgeting & saving money when you’re ultra poor
4 – Food on a budget
5 – Being organized + organizing your home in ways that just make sense
6 – All kinds of arts – writing, drawing, digital drawing, ink, music(making music on a software, lyrics, etc)
And so much more.

As for translation, I can translate English to French, French to English.

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